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Jogjakarta, where I left my beautiful memories

Hi, whatsssup? It seems like it’s been a while since I haven’t updated my blog. Fiuh. July was quite a thrilling and exhausting month with a lot of unpredictable stories. Not to mention that I just had a little time to spend my holiday with my family. Okay, I think that is not the main point I want to discuss here. Well, as you know that my blog is full of horror, mystery and social values, I just want to share some stories and experiences I had so far.

JULY. Okay, in the middle of this month, 18th of July, my internship program was started. I proposed to have an internship program in Jogjakarta Tourism Authority. As the first day was began, two of my friends and I were plotted in Tourist Information Centre Malioboro, Jogjakarta. At first I got no idea of what I was doing there. Day by day, I realised that I had no more than a glass of knowledge about tourism destination in Indonesia. Basically, in this place, I learnt how to give information to the local or even foreign tourists regarding to the tourism destinations. I know, I had no idea what should I said at first. My supervisor told me to learn by observing the way how the staff say it to the tourists. In short, I learnt and developed so fast. Now, I understand what they, the tourists, want to know about Indonesia. I met so many people from all over the world. France, Germany, Holland, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, and many more. I realise that my English is also improving. As well as spoken language, my passive English skill (in this case is listening) is also getting better. I am so grateful because I had a chance to learn English by talking to the strangers from around the world.

AUGUST. Ugh, you know, sometimes you get bored at workplace whenever you get nothing to do. Yup. That’s what I felt whenever there is no one coming to the office. So, I decided to kill the time by playing games, checking my social media with the available Wi-Fi in the office. Oh, I almost forget. Anyway, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE MY LOVELY COUNTRY, INDONESIA. I am so damn in love with Indonesia since I realised that Indonesia got a lot nice places to visit. Oh. I also met some lovely people out there. In Jogjakarta, you can see some beautiful events which are only held annually.

Well, August is also the time to end my story in Jogjakarta. Today, the 24th, means that it is only 4 days left to have internship program here. I conclude that I am so grateful to have an internship program here. I gained a lot of beautiful memories and stories. I met beautiful, handsome, wonderful, nice, annoying, and much more people here. One more thing, don’t forget to enjoy and live your every single day because you cannot undo what you have done before.