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Young Entrepreneur in Global World

“Being a nice person is important, it does not matter if some people hurt us by the way they talk, we need to keep our chin up to be a professional hotel manager.”

Last Saturday, on 23rd April 2016, several students of English Department attended an incredible workshop with the theme “Young Entrepreneur in Global World” which consists of some selected topics; Hotel Management, Productive Blogger, and Edupreneur. This workshop was held in Dekanat Building, Faculty of Languages and Arts, Semarang State University.

Some students believed, they attended this workshop as their another boring activity as college students. Luckily, when I tried to focus on the speakers’ materials, there are a lot of nice things and lessons I could gain.

When the first speaker, Yohanes Yudha Barata, came to the room and began to deliver his materials, he opened the speech with the amazing greeting to the audience. He succeed in stealing everyone’s attention with his first impression. This made the rest of the audience felt interested in the topic he delivered about Hotel Management. The thing is, he could prevent any kind of boredom coming to the audience, so while he was rapidly talking in his own catchy words, everyone could exactly enjoy it. From his presentation, the interesting thing I could obtain is that “being a nice person is important, it does not matter if some people hurt us by the way they talk, we need to keep our chin up to be a professional hotel manager”. From this point, it is important for us to keep strong, it does not matter whether you are a hotel manager or even a common people, you still need to be tough to deal with the problems coming to you. In the end, he hang his case up with the dense applause coming from the audience.

momThe second speaker, Muna Sunkar, under the topic, How to be A Productive Blogger, started to open her speech nicely. She is a famous Indonesian blogger which has a blog named “Mom Traveller”. She is well-known for her blog contains of some beautiful pictures and stories of her experience in travelling and exploring the beauty of our country. She gave us a lot of valuable and meaningful lessons which say that it is important to be consistent in whatever we are doing, so is it when we are blogging.

Another highlighted point is, we can be addicted in writing once we feel the benefits from it. We can get our income when we are consistent in writing and updating our blog. Yes, it is kind of hard to get an inspiration in writing, but we can just look for some ideas in magazine, other blogs, newspaper, or even our surroundings. We can get the idea of writing by telling a popular mainstream story which is currently happening in our society. Even, we can write our interest in something. For instance, we can write about fashion, make up, travelling, photography, and so on. Eventually, she emphasized that being a blogger, indeed, needs a strong and strict effort at first, but whenever you try and feel addicted, go on with it because it will produce you a money machine.

educaEdupreneur, which was coming as the last topic, has some various interesting points to be noted. Andi Taru, known as the CEO and founder of Educa Studio, directly delivered some ideas about his own grown-up company. Basically, from his clear, unadorned, and impressive speech, he said that
“whenever you feel like you want to be an entrepreneur, be different, be insane”, that’s how an entrepreneur lives in his way. By having this mindset, it leads us to infinity ideas. In the end, he closed his speech by saying that, “Try once, whether you fail or not, at least you have tried.”

So, from these three fascinating topics, there is no more close-minded mindset. Attending an incredible workshop like this is meaningful and important for us to keep updated to the latest trending in society how to be a successful person. Keep in mind that being a successful person needs a great effort.

Good luck in whatever you are doing.



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