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The Social Values of Horror Movies

The question is do they ever think about the values or message conveyed in the movies?

No denial, guys. In this advanced world, everything is connected to the current issues in the society. Not to mention, days by days people are crazy over something named movie. Movies. Right, everyone likes watching movies. People really enjoy while watching several series of movies. The question is do they ever think about the values or message conveyed in the movies? Maybe some of you can easily take the moral, social, religion, or any other kind of values reflected in the plot of the movies. However, there is no exception that the rest of you may only enjoy the movies without considering further about the idea of the authors, scriptwriters, or directors of the movies. What I would like to discuss here is about the popular trending under the hashtags #SocialValues of #HorrorMovies.

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As I am extremely interested in social and horror stuff, I would like to relate both points which hopefully can present you some messages. Yup. Why do I choose horror movies as the topic? As you see that again, lately, people get overwhelmed in choosing the movies they are going to watch. Some decided to choose “The Conjuring 2” – well, as you know, it is a popular horror movie – as their entertainment. Yes, I believe that every single person has his own taste in movies genre. Okay, well, let’s down to the business.
For what I have been watching and analysing so far, horror movies are usually connected with the religion values. In Western, they believe that the spirit of the deaths can come to those who are believed to bother them. In our country, Indonesia, we believe the same idea. People can be possessed by a spirit which can lead someone to a danger. This happened if those people have insufficient of faith. The only difference is that about the forms of the spirit. The spirit can easily turn to something creepy and dangerous which has supernatural power. In Indonesia, the spirit is believed as the representation of “arwah penasaran” which tends to have some demands while it is possessed to a body.

Seeing this fact, social and cultural points have great influence in shaping the paradigm in the society. From the movies, we can directly see that mostly the ghost comes up as the form of social construction in the society. For example, if you see Indonesian movies, most of the setting will show you the life of metropolitan people. On the other hand, Western movies tend to show the setting of religious, depressed, or upper class family which has their own sacred history.

I am not quite sure if all of the movie critics will do agree with my opinion. I am just saying that from what I have seen so far, social values of horror movies here reflect the culture of the society in where the movies are set. You can freely have your own ideas regarding to this issue. Put your comment below or you may directly contact me.



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