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Tips: How to Get Rid of Fear

Look, I am not going to tell you how to lose your fear because feeling afraid of something is normal. Here, I would like to share my own tips in facing any situation which sometimes frighten me to half-death, to death actually. Before I am showing you the ways to overcome the fear, you need to know the definition of fear and why it does exist.

Fear is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions and ultimately a change in behavior, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events. (Source:


Yeah, it is kind of boring to take a look at the definition. For me, myself, fear is something that you create by your own self. In our organ system, the fear stimulus is located in our brain, named Amygdala – you can Google it for further. So, whenever you start being anxious, your brain will response by showing some signs as the result of your own fear. You may feel anxious, nervous, you feel your body freezes, and you just want to run from your life. Shame, isn’t it? Below are the ways to help you overcome your fear. Everything in this world needs a practice, so after you get the tips, try to do them for at least once.

  1. Awareness. Guys, please keep on your mind that you need to be aware of everything. Before overcoming your fear, you need to know what causes fear. Be aware that fear may destroy your whole life. Fear only messes up your life because you cannot be focused in doing your activities. Note that you are what you think. Think positively, everything will be alright!
  2. Identify. Okay, now let’s be friends with your fear. Please identify what things that you are afraid of. Is it ghost, losing someone, failing in exam, or fear of nothing? Cool. Now, please try to analyse what is wrong with them. Ghosts? They exist, indeed; but, they will keep haunting you if you keep thinking negatively about them. Just, let them live; however, they won’t show up if you do not keep imagining about them. Again, you are what you think. Afraid of losing your beloved? I believe you know how to keep him/her. Failing in exam? Dude, you need to study harder. Fear of fear of nothing? You have lost your fear, then. You need check your organ system.
  3. Hypnosis. This is easy, yet difficult to do. Imagine, imagine, and imagine your favourite things in your life. You may think about every single dream that you want to reach. You may think of your favourite pizza toppings. Or, you may think of your wildest fantasy – having a camp in wildlife, okay. Please, chill yourself with positive thought. You will be a useless person if you cannot manage your own fear.
  4. Workout, dude. Hey, wake up and do some exercises, you lazy kid! This will help you clean your dirty mind. Yes, all of the negativity pops up in your head. You can just walk around for 10 minutes, dance, run, or other favourite sports you can do with your friends. You may go to the fitness centre so you can admire your body instead of admiring your fear.
  5. Diet, ughNo, you are not trying to lose fat. Do you know that your eating behaviour has a dramatic role in your feeling? Any products which consist of sugars, additives, chemical ingredients may lead your body to be out in balance. Try clean eating for once. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Eliminate the carbo and add the supply of protein and vitamin. You will thank later.

Yup. These five simple ways are helpful – for me. I have been trying to overcome my own fear by doing these five steps. Right, it is a little bit hard to change the bad habit at the first. However, you will see the positive result once you try. Last but not least, be grateful if you are still having your fear. It means than God still loves you and He wants you to keep remembering Him all the time.

All the love.  



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3 thoughts on “Tips: How to Get Rid of Fear

  1. Kak Ria thank you so much kkkkk… This post is good and now i am trying to solve my fear problem love you kak xD

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